Tips to choose maternity leggings for maximum comfort

Being pregnant is one of the most difficult phases of a woman’s life in terms of clothing. Getting your hands on the most comfortable clothes is absolutely important because your body is already going through a lot of physical changes and you need to stay comfortable as your body starts to grow and your old clothes become obsolete. Cotton maternity leggings are one of the comfiest bottom-wear you can ask for as they give you the most comfort and the fabric feel so good against your skin.

Let’s take a look at some tips that will help you pick the best cotton maternity leggings.

  1. Leggings are designed in such a way that they tend to stick to your legs and give out a shapely look. Ladies with thin legs are good to go but if you have thick legs with fleshy thighs, you need to choose wisely. Avoid bright colors and go for darker shades like black, navy blue, dark brown etc. Choose the proper size as a small size will have to stretch a lot which can lead to the breaking of the cloth.
  2. Always buy leggings that are a size bigger. You are going to get bigger and bigger with time and if you choose the perfect fit, it will not fit you towards the end of your pregnancy. So, if you want to save some extra money, go for a size bigger.
  3. During pregnancy, the frequency of going to the loo increasing many times in comparison to normal days. So, you must try to pick leggings that have elasticised waistbands instead of the ones with a drawstring. This will save up a lot of time when you are full to the brink. Tying the drawstring tens of times in a day can get really irritating.
  4. If you like to exercise, you may want to choose a fabric that is a mix of cotton and spandex or cotton and nylon. These materials allow the clothing to stretch out according to the body’s needs without breaking the cloth. It will stay close to your body and give that perfect comfort while exercising. Although, the amount of spandex or nylon must be very low so that your body does not start to feel warm.
  5. Mainly, there are two types of leggings available in the market- one that goes over your belly and one that stays below your belly. Since your belly is going to grow bigger and bigger with time, you need to choose the type of legging according to your comfort level. If you are okay with the waistband going over your pregnant belly, choose the high-rise leggings. If not, you can go for the low-rise ones.

Cotton is the most breathable fabric available. It is very comfortable and it will not leave rashes or irritate your skin in any which way. So, you must definitely try to go for the best quality cotton maternity leggings if you want to stay comfortable throughout those tough days.