Vented tumble dryers – different opinion

I’m very grateful that we live in the world where we have opportunity to use such great inventions as fridge, oven or dishwasher. But with this post, I don’t want to talk about any of those everyday gadgets, but very specific one, the one that I just purchased and i want to share my experience with you. First of all, I want to clarify that I’m talking about my new vented tumble dryer. A lot of people who come to my house and see it are really impressed, and considering its performance so far, I also think that I made pretty good choice. So I think I might have some insight that might be useful and will help you choose best vented tumble dryer for your home.

So first of all, I want to explain why I think vented tumble dryers are better than their condenser alternatives. Of course, condenser tumble dryers might have few advantages over them, but they are more expensive as well. Good condensers cost almost twice as much as best vented tumble dryer that I have, so I thought it wouldn’t be wise to pay so much more just for few unimportant features. Even though I think they’re unimportant, I think you should be informed about these features, because you might find them important. First of all, condensers have one big advantage, they don’t need vent system to work. You see, after drying the clothes, vented dryers need to somehow release the moist, and if you live in the humid area like I do, you can’t just let itvented tumble dryer out in your house. You will need to set up ventilation system for it, but I think it’s pretty simple. On the other hand, condenser dryers just convert that moisture into the water, eliminating the need for extra additions. These two might be different in other ways as well, but basically, that’s it. I am also pretty convinced that good vented tumble dryers use a lot less electricity, at least mine does. But that also depends on the rating. A and B rated vented dryers are pretty energy efficient, while the rest aren’t. I used to have old tumble dryer and after replacing it with my new one, electricity consumption didn’t increase, but decreased. I am really environmentally aware, and it feels great to use such energy efficient machine. It’s faster and more effective as well, and it’s because of all these reasons that I’m convinced I bought best vented tumble dryer ever.

I was considering different options when buying it, in order to save money and have it safely delivered to my door. I decided to go with Amazon, because vented dryers had lower prices there, and I was able to read customer reviews and compare ratings of different vented tumble dryers. Delivery quality was very good, and packaging couldn’t be better. My tumble dryer arrived without a scratch, I set it up, and it has been working flawlessly ever since. I couldn’t be more satisfied with its performance. Oh, I forgot to mention actual tumble dryer. It’s White Knight, but I don’t remember exact model number of it. You can check it out on this article, which will help you choose best vented tumble dryer.

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