Once and for all : Frequently asked questions about circular saws and everything related to them.

I am, or at least consider myself to be, pioneer in home improvement and amateur woodworking, so people tend to ask for my advice when buying any kind of tools. Although i get the most questions about circular saws – where to look for them, and how to choose them. I don’t have a problem with answering every question individually, but i feel like it would be more efficient if i wrote it down in clear and time-effective manner. For any additional questions, most of you know my email, so feel free to ask me. Now, let’s get started with the circular saw buying guide.

  When people ask me about circular saw features, the first thing i bring up is the power source. If you are an amateur, and plan on doing only light work, then it’s okay to get small cordless circular saw. But if you want effectiveness and affordable price, then forget about battery-powered saws, because they are too fragile and batteries run out of power too quickly to  be worth the money they cost.  That is why most carpenters will tell you that cordless saws are usually worthless. In my opinion, best option would be to own both – but that is double investment, and unless you’re sure about your passion in this field, i wouldn’t risk that much money. Start with the corded saw, and once you test it out, you can always expand your tool kit.  ren_51238ece32d92Bosch-2608640645-Circular-Saw-Blade-2

 Point two – don’t have illusions of buying a tool made in America. Those days are long gone and will probably never come back. All decent brands have moved their facilities to make their saws and all other tools in Asia, mostly China. But you don’t have to worry about low quality of imported goods – it is essential for these brands to maintain their reputation, so quality standards are always high. It’s just sad to see manufacturing leave the US, at least for me.

 Brands are totally different topic, and i could write several pages about them, but to keep things short, there are two types of brands – the ones focused on quality, and the ones competing on affordable prices. Good examples of the latter are Makita and Ryobi – both are great brands, but their quality doesn’t even come close to Bosch or DeWalt. The latter are top notch tool makers, and their tools are not only effective and durable, but really capable of taking some damage. Again, for the long term work, quality brands are the wisest investment to make – they last longer. But if you’re unsure, or just planning to be an amateur, Makita or Ryobi will do just fine.

Which home improvement power tool brands are the best?

I would not propose Ridgid devices. Their guarantee is much similar to the line from Tommy Boy, “On the off chance that you need me to take a poop in a container and name it ensured, I will.” Their lineup is less than impressive, from the jigsaw with a baseplate that likes to slide around amid a cut (overlook sharp edge redirection, your cut will never be square when the baseplate itself changes it’s position) to the economically made engines that possess a scent reminiscent of cordite on each Ridgid bore or driver that I’ve at any point claimed. Their stationary devices are low quality with engines that are over-evaluated, from their table saw that swamps in softwoods to their bandsaw that can never hold a line and make an opposite cut (the whole purpose of a band saw). They may be justified against deformity, yet that does not spare you from poor plan.

DeWalt has a vast instrument line up, is estimated well, and makes the best cordless nailers available today. Their drills are incredible, yet that is about it. Their devices, by and large, are standard, not awesome. On the off chance that you require something that works dependably, nonstop, DeWalt will carry out the occupation at a sensible cost, however their lineup and support is spotty between various battery stages. This means you can get more cordless apparatuses, and more devices as a rule for the cash contributed, however it additionally implies that your work will never be brilliant. Your item will dependably confront the restrictions of the apparatus being used. I especially don’t care for their cordless jigsaw as it’s the loudest chatterbox of the part.


Makita drills are great, in general, since the appearance of their Star Protection framework, and reliably conveys the best engines available, spare a couple of specific devices made by different producers. Their 18v lineup is presently effectively accessible from enormous box stores like HD, and online providers like Amazon. At a sensible cost, one can pick and pick the cordless devices that make your work process quick and productive with a couple of striking special cases. Their wavering instrument is a wellspring of disgrace as it is very noisy, overwhelming, and tends to require another apparatus head each year with direct utilize, despite the fact that it is vital to state that there are not very many dependable swaying devices available.

Bosch has as of late brought a few cordless instruments into the market that are deserving of your tool stash, and keep on innovating in essential ways. Their drills are serviceable to great, and their battery offering is predictable and near extraordinary. Their lineup leaves a little to be craved, especially here in the US, as the European market gets more apparatuses, and of various (generally better) plan than does the American market, however this is valid for all instrument producers, as Makita is likewise blameworthy of this specific sin.

By the by, Bosch keeps on making the best switch and base pack accessible, offers the best performing dance saws (yes, they even beat Festool) at a cost that is on the upward limit of sensible and generously less expensive than other European makers. Their compact table saw is alright, not incredible, despite the fact that this can be said of each convenient table saw. Their skim framework miter saw is the best available, and far out-plays out the QC on Makita or DeWalt devices with components that make your estimations and cuts quick and effective however I truly wish they would turn out with a LED sharp edge shadow framework like DeWalt’s as opposed to yet another mushy laser.

Tips to choose maternity leggings for maximum comfort

Being pregnant is one of the most difficult phases of a woman’s life in terms of clothing. Getting your hands on the most comfortable clothes is absolutely important because your body is already going through a lot of physical changes and you need to stay comfortable as your body starts to grow and your old clothes become obsolete. Cotton maternity leggings are one of the comfiest bottom-wear you can ask for as they give you the most comfort and the fabric feel so good against your skin.

Let’s take a look at some tips that will help you pick the best cotton maternity leggingsorganic-cotton-maternity-leggings__74441.1471484295

  1. Leggings are designed in such a way that they tend to stick to your legs and give out a shapely look. Ladies with thin legs are good to go but if you have thick legs with fleshy thighs, you need to choose wisely. Avoid bright colors and go for darker shades like black, navy blue, dark brown etc. Choose the proper size as a small size will have to stretch a lot which can lead to the breaking of the cloth.
  2. Always buy leggings that are a size bigger. You are going to get bigger and bigger with time and if you choose the perfect fit, it will not fit you towards the end of your pregnancy. So, if you want to save some extra money, go for a size bigger.
  3. During pregnancy, the frequency of going to the loo increasing many times in comparison to normal days. So, you must try to pick leggings that have elasticised waistbands instead of the ones with a drawstring. This will save up a lot of time when you are full to the brink. Tying the drawstring tens of times in a day can get really irritating.
  4. If you like to exercise, you may want to choose a fabric that is a mix of cotton and spandex or cotton and nylon. These materials allow the clothing to stretch out according to the body’s needs without breaking the cloth. It will stay close to your body and give that perfect comfort while exercising. Although, the amount of spandex or nylon must be very low so that your body does not start to feel warm.
  5. Mainly, there are two types of leggings available in the market- one that goes over your belly and one that stays below your belly. Since your belly is going to grow bigger and bigger with time, you need to choose the type of legging according to your comfort level. If you are okay with the waistband going over your pregnant belly, choose the high-rise leggings. If not, you can go for the low-rise ones.

Cotton is the most breathable fabric available. It is very comfortable and it will not leave rashes or irritate your skin in any which way. So, you must definitely try to go for the best quality cotton maternity leggings if you want to stay comfortable throughout those tough days.

Warmest Ice Fishing Suits – Review and Comparison

I usually shop online, and find it hard to find high quality ice fishing products there. Because, you know,  i can’t touch the material to get the feel or measure thickness of insulation of ice fishing bib. So i just try to read the reviews and ask around with my friends, hoping that any of them have ever used this particular product, so they can share their experience. But usually, this kind of research is not very successful. After buying some of the products that my friends recommended, i realised that even if product works really well for them, it doesn’t make it perfect for you as well. Everyone has different preferences and individual expectations, so there is no such thing as best ice fishing suit that is perfect for everyone. Now, you might ask – what’s the point of this article? Well, i’m not saying that it is impossible to find best ice fishing bibs for yourselves. You just need to look, and you need to know what is it that you need the most. Warmth? Being waterproof? Or windproof? Warmest ice suits are more expensive and thicker, so it’s harder to move while wearing them. Knowing little details like this is crucial and will help you make the right buying decision.

If you’re looking for warmest ice fishing bibs, you might want to take a look at Frabill’s l3 bib. My friend had recently ordered one from Amazon, and i am certain in its quality. First of all, it never tears, even in toughest conditions. Second, material seems to be really high end, and it feels great to wear. It’s warm, it’s safe and above everything else, it’s super comfortable.

Prices vary from 100 to 200 dollars, but it’s mostly within that range. But just recently, there was big black friday sale on it, and Frabill’s product were sold for 30-50% off. It’s probably not active anymore, but since it’s holiday season now, there will probably be more discounts.

Buying high quality ice fishing bib is probably the smartest thing to do. Because even though some products cost lower, they will tear and lose quality pretty quickly, and you’ll have to replace them sooner than expected. So in order to avoid that, just go on and spend some more money to get one of the best ice fishing bibs out there.

Also make sure to get something with multiple layers of insulation. Single or double layers might be able to warm your body, but you also need to defend yourself against water, snow and ice. For that matter, it’s also recommended to get good ice fishing gloves.

There are two major brands in this category – Stormr and Frabill. In my experience, both make pretty good products, but i think Frabill’s ice fishing bibs are the best. They are pretty affordable, and sometimes even underpriced. And still, the company doesn’t seem to compromise the quality of their ice fishing bibs.

Vented tumble dryers – different opinion

I’m very grateful that we live in the world where we have opportunity to use such great inventions as fridge, oven or dishwasher. But with this post, I don’t want to talk about any of those everyday gadgets, but very specific one, the one that I just purchased and i want to share my experience with you. First of all, I want to clarify that I’m talking about my new vented tumble dryer. A lot of people who come to my house and see it are really impressed, and considering its performance so far, I also think that I made pretty good choice. So I think I might have some insight that might be useful and will help you choose best vented tumble dryer for your home.

So first of all, I want to explain why I think vented tumble dryers are better than their condenser alternatives. Of course, condenser tumble dryers might have few advantages over them, but they are more expensive as well. Good condensers cost almost twice as much as best vented tumble dryer that I have, so I thought it wouldn’t be wise to pay so much more just for few unimportant features. Even though I think they’re unimportant, I think you should be informed about these features, because you might find them important. First of all, condensers have one big advantage, they don’t need vent system to work. You see, after drying the clothes, vented dryers need to somehow release the moist, and if you live in the humid area like I do, you can’t just let itvented tumble dryer out in your house. You will need to set up ventilation system for it, but I think it’s pretty simple. On the other hand, condenser dryers just convert that moisture into the water, eliminating the need for extra additions. These two might be different in other ways as well, but basically, that’s it. I am also pretty convinced that good vented tumble dryers use a lot less electricity, at least mine does. But that also depends on the rating. A and B rated vented dryers are pretty energy efficient, while the rest aren’t. I used to have old tumble dryer and after replacing it with my new one, electricity consumption didn’t increase, but decreased. I am really environmentally aware, and it feels great to use such energy efficient machine. It’s faster and more effective as well, and it’s because of all these reasons that I’m convinced I bought best vented tumble dryer ever.

I was considering different options when buying it, in order to save money and have it safely delivered to my door. I decided to go with Amazon, because vented dryers had lower prices there, and I was able to read customer reviews and compare ratings of different vented tumble dryers. Delivery quality was very good, and packaging couldn’t be better. My tumble dryer arrived without a scratch, I set it up, and it has been working flawlessly ever since. I couldn’t be more satisfied with its performance. Oh, I forgot to mention actual tumble dryer. It’s White Knight, but I don’t remember exact model number of it. You can check it out on this article, which will help you choose best vented tumble dryer.

How to pick best ottoman bed for your bedroom

If you are one of those people who like to save as much space as possible, I have good news for you. I consider myself one of those, and recently, after my old bed just couldn’t work anymore, I decided to look for small, convenient bed that wouldn’t take too much space in my tiny room. I went through a lot of different options, but none of them seemed to meet my requirements. Later that day, I went to visit Lysa, one of my friends from college, and I was absolutely stunned by her bed. I know it sounds weird, but her ottoman bed was exactly what I was looking for this whole time. If you don’t know what ottoman beds are, let me explain. They are convenient beds, which can be used as both – bed and storage space. Bed itself can be lifted up and you have plenty of space to store things that you don’t use regularly. Some ottoman beds lift automatically, while others need your help to lift up. But I didn’t know all this back then, so that’s why I decided to write this guide. To help you guys find best ottoman bed and help you effectively save space and money.

So just like any other type of beds, ottoman beds come in different sizes. So it’s totally up to you to choose size that you want. I got king size ottoman bed, even though I have no partner. I like sleeping on large beds, especially in the winter. But let’s get back to the point, how do you choose best ottoman bed? First of all, you need to pay attention to ratings. See, all ottoman beds basically look the same, but if you are careful enough, you can spot some products that are much better than the others. How? Take a look at customer ratings of a product. If it’s above 4 stars, your ottoman bed is probably high quality and durable. Of course, this won’t work when shopping outside Amazon, but I don’t recommend doing so. Amazon has great customer support and return policies on ottoman beds, so I wouldn’t even think of buying anywhere else but there. You can either search for ottoman beds and pick the ones you like, or you can read one of these articles ( http://bedbritish.com/best-ottoman-bed/ ) and choose one of the products that they recommend. But I think you should choose yourself, because I don’t think they are aware of your specific needs, so they can’t tell which ottoman bed will work best for you. nice wooden ottoman bed

To sum up, I think ottoman beds are really great way to save some space and money. And they’re pretty affordable as well, so I don’t see the reason to not try. And make sure that size is really correct or you might need customized mattress to fit it. I am just so thankful that I visited my old friend and saw ottoman bed there. I am pretty sure I wouldn’t be able to find it otherwise.

best tumble dryer condenser – my two cents

While a lot of people consider tumble dryers to be unnecessary, I think they are essential part of any good home. Of course, unless you live by yourself, and you don’t have a lot of laundry to do. In that case, I guess you can survive without it, but if you’re reading this article, you are probably looking to buy tumble dryer to solve your drying problems. So, where do you start? First of all, you need to know few basic things about tumble dryers and decide what kind of dryer you need. To explain briefly, condenser tumble dryers transform the moisture into the water, while vented tumble dryers are unable to do that. I personally use the first one, and I recommend the same for everyone. So, what do you need to know in order to choose best condenser dryer for yourself? You can either read article about condenser dryers http://besttumbledryers.com/best-condenser-tumble-dryer/  – There are few key issues, but these are the most important.

  1. It’s energy efficiency. Buying A rated energy efficient condenser tumble dryer will benefit you in two ways, morally and materially. As you can probably guess, it will be profitable by saving you lots of money on electricity over the years, and by spending less energy, it will also help the environment and other people who are in need of affordable energy.
  2. Drum size. Energy efficiency and drum size are kind of related, because small condenser tumble dryers tend to be the least efficient machines compared to larger tumble dryers. It also defines how much laundry can it dry and how much time will it take. I recommend buying at least 4kg condenser tumble dryer, or even larger. Buying smaller version is simply waste of money, I think.
  3. The speed and other minor issues. I think two issues I mentioned above are the most important, but not enough to make best condensing tumble dryer of all time. It also needs to be quick and flawless in the way it does the drying. It shouldn’t overheat your clothes and its control panel should be easy to figure out. That’s basically it, but there might be other minor issues I’m forgetting about. Please leave those issues down in the comments, so I can talk about them as well.

Even though condenser tumble dryers are usually more expensive than the vented ones, price isn’t that high. If you consider all the money that would go on vents and saved electricity, you can even say that buying best condenser tumble dryer is more affordable than average vented dryer.

Size of tumble dryer is totally up to you, but I think medium sized dryers are the best for different reasons. First of all, medium sized and large tumble dryers are usually the most cost effective machines. Second of all, even though you might think that you only need small dryer right now, chances of your position changing in future are really high. And you can’t just replace small condenser tumble dryer that you bought for hundreds of pounds. Larger dryers have one disadvantage, they take too much space, but you can find solution to that.  For example, make it built in, or mounted on the wall.